'Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth' Cactuar Caper Locations: Where to Find the 4 Cactaurs and Unlock Swimsuits for Aerith and Tifa

During Chapter 6 in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, you play as Aerith and Tifa in Costa del Sol. To earn Companion Passes and unlock swimsuits, you’ll have to participate in various mini-games and tasks. There are four in total: Run Wild, Royal Coast Concert, Wheelie Rendezvous, and Cactuar Caper. Completing them grants you one Companion Pass to turn in and receive a swimsuit.

'Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth' Seventh Infantry Locations: How to Unlock "7th, Assemble!" Trophy

In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Cloud is tasked with gathering the Seventh Infantry to practice marching drills. It’s a fun little detour in Chapter 4 with 10 troops scattered aboard the Aerodrome in Junon.

You only have to gather five of the 10 to progress to the next part of the story, but if you find all 10 and talk to them, you also unlock the “7th, Assemble!” trophy, which is excellent if you’re a bit of a completionist. Finding all 10 also gives you more soldiers to make the upcoming mini-ga

Persona 3 Reload test answers, including how to ace all exams and class quiz questions

Persona 3 Reload, like past entries in the series, will have you answer test questions in the classroom on certain days, while also preparing you for exams that take place over multiple days.

Persona 3 Reload is a complete remake of the original Persona 3 game, and thus has almost completely different quiz questions and answers. Surprisingly, there's an overlap here and there, with a few questions in Reload being similar if not completely the same as in the original.

Everything You Need to Know About 'Spider-Man 2's Parts and Tokens

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, is packed with side content that’s equal parts emotional and engaging and practical. These tasks let you earn tokens, which you can spend to unlock new costumes, upgrade your gadgets, and enhance your suit technology.

Plus, they also offer loads of experience points and rewards. Here are the different tokens you can find in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, how to earn them, and how to spend them.

Where to Find Every Mysterium Challenge in 'Marvel’s Spider-Man 2' — and How to Beat Them

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 has plenty of side content for players to tackle. One being the Mysterium, headed by Mysterio. These act as time-attack challenges for the game and completing each of them under a certain time will earn you Hero Tokens. It’s also worth noting that only Miles can interact with the Mysteriums.

The faster you finish a Mysterium, the better the reward. They are given out only once, so you can’t repeatedly farm them for Hero Tokens. Here are all nine of the Mysteriums located i

Where to find the science trophy in Spider-Man 2

Finding the science trophy as Miles in Spider-Man 2 is both a sweet reminder of his past and how you unlock one of the game's own trophies.

In Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Miles and Phin were great friends and had always supported each other. When they were younger, they won the Spacebound Young Researchers Award together with it appearing as a collectible in Miles Morales. Now, after the events of that game, the award is the only thing Miles has left to remember Phin by.

How to get your first ship in Starfield

In a sci-fi space RPG like Starfield, it’d be remiss if you didn’t have a ship to fly around with across the vast galaxies.

A ship allows you to explore the many planets, engage in spaceship combat, visit Staryards and maybe even do a little bit of smuggling. First, however, you need to get your first ship in Starfield.

But don’t worry! Starfield provides you with your very own ship early on in the game. In fact, you get it much sooner than you think: at the beginning!

Starfield romance and romance options

You can do many things in Starfield. You can traverse galaxies, raid enemy bases, and even fall in love. Who doesn’t love a good romance story set in space?

At the time of writing, we’ve found four characters you can have a romantic relationship with in Starfield. They’re all members of Constellation, Starfield’s main faction. Where Baldur’s Gate 3 went wild with romance options like making out with a bear, Starfield decides to keep love simple and realistic.

Love HBO’s 'The Last of Us'? Here’s how to play all of the games

HBO’s adaptation of The Last of Us video game has been incredibly popular and critically acclaimed ever since it first aired in January 2023. In fact, the show has been such a hit that it helped drive an increase in sales in the UK for The Last of Us Part 1 on PS5 by 238% and the PS4 remaster by 322%. It’s safe to say that Joel and Ellie’s emotional and action-packed apocalypse adventures are resonating with people.

GUIDE: What is NieR? The Action RPG Series, Explained

NieR:Automata Ver1.1a is an anime adaption of the video game, NieR:Automata. We wanted to take a look at the history of the NieR franchise and answer some of your questions about the anime. After hitting some serious mainstream appeal with its release in 2017, the action-RPG series from PlatinumGames (Bayonetta, Astral Chain) and Square Enix (Final Fantasy) has a unique and complex history that makes for one of the most powerful sci-fi narratives in gaming.

How to fully upgrade the Blades of Chaos in 'God of War Ragnarok'

sad dad is back to take on Asgard. In God of War Ragnarok, our hero Kratos can use an assortment of powerful weapons suited to any combat situation — and he can learn a variety of abilities to make them more powerful. Kratos’s Blades of Chaos are his original weapons from the older God of War games, and they were reintroduced partway through the 2018 installment. Now, Kratos starts with them at the beginning of Ragnarok.

How to take down Hydra in Shin Megami Tensei V

is a notoriously challenging series. And the latest entry, Shin Megami Tensei V, is no exception. Run-of-the-mill enemy encounters in the game can be unforgiving. Even the first boss, the Hydra, will catch you off guard if you’re not prepared.

Many of Shin Megami Tensei V’s boss battles will require you to plan ahead and come with the proper elements to strike their weaknesses and resist their attacks. And just because Hydra’s the first of many, he’s no walk in the park.
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